Can I use neem oil as a leaf polish?

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Neem oil is great for indoor plants. It is important to polish your indoor plants as they can collect dust. This prevents them from properly photosynthesising.

You can use a neem oil spray to help polish your leaves and keep your plants both pest free, and shiny. To do so, mix 1.5-2 teaspoons of neem oil per litre of water, along with approximately half a litre of dishwashing liquid. If you use warm water, this will make the process easier.

Once the mixture is complete, add it to a sprayer, shaking well before each use. When you spray, leave the mixture to run down the plants. This washes dust and dirt off its leaves. Leave the mixture to dry. Repeat this process no more than twice per month, to ensure the leaves appear polished.

General Houseplant & Neem Usage

Using neem oil on houseplants – three ways:

  • Soil drench – apply directly to the soil to prevent insects and pests from mating on and eating plants.
  • Spray on leaves – particularly the underside to deal with infestations.
  • Create a shine – spray on leaves and wipe off with a clean cloth to create a nice shine. ( as above)