Can I use neem oil on cacti and succulents?

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The term “succulent” often refers to any plant which stores water in its stems or leaves. Many succulents are sensitive to pesticides, and so the use of neem oil on them may be in doubt. However, neem oil can be used on both cacti and succulents safely, ensuring that they are free from pests both inside the home and in the garden.

To ensure that your plants do not develop severe leaf burns, do not spray them during the day or in full view of the sun, instead applying neem oil in the evenings.

In addition, always make sure you test before applying the neem oil in full. To do so, apply a minimal amount of oil to a single leaf or piece of the stem, and wait 24 hours to see if it has reacted negatively. If the plant shows signs of distress, then it may have an allergy to neem oil, and so you should use a different method to tend to them.