Can I use a neem oil spray on turf?

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Yes. You can apply a neem oil spray to your lawn in the evening, after watering. It will remove pests including aphids, Japanese beetles, and mealworms. It will also work to repel other unwanted insects and pests, such as mosquitoes.

In order to apply the neem oil on the entirety of your lawn, mix it into your lawn sprayer at a rate of one tablespoon per gallon (4.5 litres approx.). Shake the container to distribute the oil evenly, and work in straight lines until the entirety of your lawn is covered. To ensure you do not spray the same area twice, take note of the width of the spray as you work across the garden.

When you have finished spraying your garden, empty the remainder of the lawn sprayer so that no mixture remains. Rinse your canister before storing it.

Repeat this process again, one week after first treatment. This helps the soil heal, as well as controlling any unwanted pests.