Neem Oil and Hair

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There is some evidence to suggest that neem oil is potentially helpful for your hair. It can help in several areas. These include:

·       Improving the condition of your scalp

·       Minimising greys

·       Reducing dandruff

·       Controlling head lice

·       Reducing frizz

·       Encouraging hair growth


You can apply neem oil on your hair, but it should first be mixed with a base oil, such as olive, coconut, or jojoba oil. Do not use diluted neem oil on your hair or body. It may cause irritation for those with sensitive skin. You must always mix neem oil with a carrier oil.

Use a ratio of 10-12 drops for every 30ml. This solution can then be used on your hair. Once applied, wrap your hair with a towel or a scarf and leave it overnight. In the morning, rinse and wash with normal shampoo.


Conduct a skin test by applying a small amount to your arm for 24 hours. This is to check your reaction to neem oil. Once you know you can apply it safely, use it all over your hair and leave for between 30 minutes and two hours. If necessary, this can be done once per day. When you wash out, you can use your normal shampoo to do so.

Alternatively, you can add a few drops to your regular shampoo, and use it as normal.


If you find yourself infested with head lice, you may be able to use neem oil to treat it. A 2011 study conducted by the National Library of Medicine showed that after applying neem oil to the infected hair for 10 minutes, all head lice were successfully killed. This was after a single treatment. 

To use neem oil in the control of head lice, add 8-10 drops of neem oil to regular shampoo. Apply it over the entirety of your head, and leave for 20 minutes to ensure complete coverage.


Neem oil can be massaged onto the scalp, either when combined with a shampoo, or when mixed with a carrier oil. Applying a weekly hair and scalp mask of neem oil and either coconut, olive, or almond oil for 20-30 minutes, will reduce dandruff and promote hair growth.

Neem oil can also help with frizzy hair, as it has moisturising and conditioning properties within it. Mixing a few drops of neem oil into your normal shampoo, and leaving them to mix on your hair for a few minutes should help to deal with hair frizz. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.


Neem oil has also been found to encourage hair growth, and therefore, it may help with alopecia. As always, make sure you either mix a few drops of neem in your shampoo, or mix into a carrier oil. Once applied, rinse off as normal. As long as you experience no irritation, it can be applied regularly to encourage hair growth.