Neem Cake Pellets

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Neem Cake Pellets are the best way to get all the benefits of Neem oil in a convenient form. The pellets are an excellent soil conditioner and fertiliser, helping to improve soil aeration and moisture retention while also providing a slow-release source of essential nutrients for plants. Neem Cake Pellets can be applied as a top dressing or mixed into the soil before planting. They are also an effective pest deterrent, providing a natural barrier against aphids like mealybugs, whiteflies and scale insects. The pellets are easy to use and provide a safe alternative to chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

Mould growth during the decomposition of neem cake is generally considered normal and part of the natural decomposition process.

Neem cake is rich in organic matter and can act as a great soil amendment, providing essential nutrients to plants.

It also helps to improve the water-holding capacity of soils and improves overall soil fertility.

When used as a fertilizer, neem cake can be mixed into the soil at a rate of 10-20kg per hectare. This should be done before planting or sowing and will help raise the organic content of the soil.

How to Use Neem Cake Pellets

There are many ways to use neem cake pellets and often different plants, locations, infestation levels require different applications. A good starting point would be to mix 25-30g of pellets (depending on plant size) into the soil. This should be done around the base of each plant and help to reduce root knot nematode populations, fungi & other diseases.

When planting bare rooted plants like roses or strawberries, it is suggested that a handful of pellets are placed in the hole before planting, this will offer protection against nematodes & disease. If treating an established plant, make a small hole in the soil near the base of the stem and place the pellets into it, then cover lightly with soil to prevent them washing away.

The pellets can also be used as mulch around plants or trees which will help reduce water loss from evaporation and provide a steady supply of nutrients. For best results, apply every 6 months or when pests become a problem.

The neem cake pellets are also safe to use around pets and children but should not be ingested so it is important that no excess is left lying around in accessible areas. Plants can be treated with neem cake pellets at any stage of their growing cycle as they are non-toxic and cause no plant damage. Neem cake pellets can be helpful against wide range of pests including aphids, whitefly, scale insects, mealybug, thrips, fungus gnats and root knot nematodes.