Neem oil and ticks

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​​Ticks are small parasites that suck blood from other animals. They are spider-like, have eight legs, and an egg-shaped body. After they suck blood, they become larger and darker. Whereas fleas jump or fly, ticks climb from the surface they are sitting on, on to an animal, when the surface is brushed past. They are common in grassy or wooded areas, and although they are active throughout the year, they are most active between spring and autumn. Dogs are more likely to have ticks than cats, but it is still possible for them to get them.

If left untreated, pets can become seriously ill from a tick infestation. Lyme disease is a commonly known illness carried by ticks, and although humans are commonly known to be able to catch it from a tick bite, cats and dogs are also able to contract it. As such, timely removal of ticks is an essential part of caring for your pet.

Neem oil can be used to repel ticks. Mix 10-12 drops of neem oil with 30ml of carrier oil (i.e. coconut, olive, or almond oil). Apply the mixture to the affected areas. The ticks should be extracted quickly. Using neem oil as an anti-tick treatment is thought to be safe for use on both cats and dogs.

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